Binance Coin & Currency Pair Tracker Template

Chris Reid

Chris Reid


Tracking Multiple Currencies and Coins in Binance via Google Sheets

The Binance exchange has a limited set of coins and currencies pairs available for trading. As of Nov 2021 there were 473 unique coins available for trading and 28 currency pairs, many of the coins only trade in a few currency pairs. There are about 1700 unique coin-currency pairs available.
The following spreadsheet template lets you easily select the coin and currency pair and view the trading price on Binance. You can add as many coins and currency pairs as you'd like and it updates the price every hour.
This is useful if you want to monitor the current prices of your portfolio or to just stay on top of what coins you typically buy in the currencies you're buying on Binance. I've embeded a copy of the spreadsheet to the right-hand side. The beauty here is SyncWith keeps the spreadsheet up to date every hour with the latest coin price.

How the Sheet Works

  1. Click the drop down to add a coin
  1. Click the drop dow to add a currency (up to four - 1 per column)
  1. See the price
  1. Add more coins and more currencies
  • Note some of the fiat currencies are not supported by Binance (eg USD) so GoogleFinance is used to see the approximate amount in your currency of choice
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How to Get this Spreadsheet

SyncWith User

  1. Open the AddOn Sidebar
  1. Search for Binance
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  1. Select Binance
  1. Select the template
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Not a SyncWith User

  1. Get the template
  1. Install SyncWith
  1. You're good to go