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For Binancians

Pull prices, trades and more from the world's biggest crypto exchange

Featured Connectors

Crypto Prices

Track the prices of 1,000+ trading pairs on Binance, eg the price of Bitcoin in USD

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24h Price Changes

Track day-over-day price changes on 1000+ trading pairs, eg Bitcoin in USD

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Klines (Candlestick)

Get candlestick charts for any trading pair.

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My Balances

Track your crypto holdings on Binance.

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My Trades

Track your crypto trades on Binance.

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Binance Tutorials

Binance Coin & Currency Pair Tracker Template

Track available coin and currency pairs from Binance

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Cell references

Learn how to use the SyncWith Google Sheets add-on to import data from multiple requests using Cell References. Cell references save you time by enabling you to create powerful datasets driven from data in your sheet.

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Popular Endpoints

get /api/v3/ticker/price

Symbol Price Ticker

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get /api/v3/ticker/24hr

24hr Ticker Price Change Statistics

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get /api/v1/ticker/allPrices

Get currency pair trade prices

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get /api/v3/klines

Kline/Candlestick Data

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Key API Info

Official links
Base endpoint
Some public endpoints. Market data requires API key. Trade and user data requires HMAC SHA256 signature.

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Rate limits
429 status code when rate limits exceeded, see Retry-After header for details.

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