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Crypto Prices

Track detailed market data on 11,000+ coins.

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Crypto Prices (Multicurrency)

Get coin price and market cap in the fiat currencies of your choice.

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Price History

Get historical market data include price, market cap, and 24h volume (granularity auto)

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CoinGecko Tutorials

CoinGecko USD Coin Tracker Template

Track up to 15 coins with detailed information including price, pricing trends for the last year, 7d charts all in Google sheets

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Popular Endpoints

get /api/v3/coins/{id}

Get current data (name, price, market, ... including exchange tickers) for a coin

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get /api/v3/coins/markets

List all supported coins price, market cap, volume, and market related data

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get /api/v3/simple/price

Get the current price of any cryptocurrencies in any other supported currencies that you need.

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get /api/v3/coins

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Key API Info

Official links
Base endpoint
All endpoints are 100% public, no API key required
Use per_page and page to paginate results.
Rate limits
10 calls per second per IP address.

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