Crypto Spreadsheet Tracker

Build your own custom Google Sheet spreadsheet to track live prices of CryptoCurrency.

Example spreadsheet coin track using crypto prices from CoinGecko

Amazing add-on, best way to track cryptocurrency prices from many APIs. Very fast and attentious support.

Thiago Campos

Works perfectly as a source of current prices on Binance. I have one Google sheet with prices board and second one with my crypto "watchlist" to buy by "vlookup" function refering to first sheet. It all refreshes instantly after clicking a button on plugin sidebar ❤️

Tomasz Wójcik

Easily build custom Cryptocurrency trackers in Google Sheets

The Crypto Coin Tracker Google Sheets Addon gives you the power to combine unlimited CryptoData with all the features of a spreadsheet.

Schedule automatic updates

Your data can be automatically updated daily, hourly or every 5 minutes. Click to manually refresh on demand anytime.

Pull data from hundeds of Cryptocurrency exchanges

Connect to almost any exchange or crypto site, including Binance, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, CoinBase and more

Unlimited data

Pull in any type of crypto data including fiat price, market cap, volume, all time high, all time low, 24 hour percentage change, open/high/low/close, klines, candlestick charts, historice prices and more

Chart and analyze data

Use the power of Google Sheets to add charts, sparklines, pivot tables and more

Automate with cell references

Run multiple requests based on data from your sheet (eg a list of coins) to save time and effort

Built in connections

Our prebuilt connections make it incredibly easy to pull data in seconds

Custom connections

Build complex connections to almost any Crypto API using our custom connection tool, handle GET, POST and more

Build your own calculations

Combining crypto data with Google Sheets formulas lets you calculate anything you need

Simple and effective, my usecase is track ~100 crypto prices, refreshed automatically and it does the job well. I recommend.


I don't normally leave reviews but I figured I would for this one. I needed to pull crypto data into one of my sheets and this one was by far the best and easiest one to work with. Plus, you can tell what data you want added.

Corey Fronek

I have been using this API for a few weeks now to monitor my crypto and love it. The developer is very proactive and helped me with my questions and in the process was improving the addon. As i said before.. love it...

Roy Nellen